Yellow Jacket Wasps – Shoo Wasps go away!

As we get further into the spring season and summer approaches the days will begin to get warmer. You will start spending more time outside in your yard, and it will be time for Yellow Jacket Queens to emerge and build a nest. Lets face it, no one like being faced with the threat of getting a painful sting, especially those allergic to stings! So why wont they just leave you alone?

yellow jacket wasp nest and yellow jacket wasps

Yellow Jacket Wasps building and attending to their nest

Yellow Jackets are predatory wasps and all females have the ability to sting and will do so repeatedly. They will build their nests in protected areas such as trees, shrubs, in openings located along the outside of your home and even in the soil. Their nest is paper like made from wood fibers that the yellow jackets chew to make a paper like substance.

Towards the end of fall as the days get colder, the males will being to emerge and fertilized the sterile female workers. The males will die soon as the weather gets cold and the fertilized females will begin to find a safe place to overwinter. During the warm late spring, early summer days the fertilized queen will emerge, build a nest and lay her eggs, this is the beginning to a Yellow Jacket Wasp nest.

Yellow jackets are social wasps they live in colonies with workers, queens and males called drones. They are also very aggressive and dead set on protecting their nest at all cost! Yellow Jackets have the ability to sting repeatedly since their stinger doesn’t have barbs.

Adult Yellow Jackets feed on sugars, fruits, nectar and tree sap. The larvae will feed on proteins including other insects, believe it or not having Yellow jackets can be beneficial, they’re predators and eat many bugs that can be taking over your garden and grass. Yellow Jackets are also scavengers they will frequent picnics, BBQ’s and trash areas searching for meals.

Most Yellow Jacket nest go unnoticed for awhile, most of the time they are not seen until you decided to use your yard for entertaining and notice a huge nest with wasps flying around. Do not disturb the nest, you will upset them rather than scare them, causing them to target you and wasps sting hurts!

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