What is the Carpet Beetle

Do you know what the Carpet Beetle Is?

This Beetle is very common in the United States and people may find their larva outside their home and mistake it for some sort of caterpillar. The Carpet Beetle is a nuisance pest; it destroys clothing made of natural fibers, carpets, furs, leather, books etc. by feeding on the material during the larval stage.

Varied Carpet Beetle LarvaThe Varied Carpet Beetle goes through complete metamorphosis and can take up to 3 years to complete their life cycle. Adult Varied Carpet Beetles are capable of flying and usually lives about 3 weeks, usually appearing during the spring and early summer they are often found around the window sills.

Often it will mate near sources of lights, and are able to lay up to 100 eggs at a time, which take approximately 35 days to hatch. Females will lay their eggs in or near a food source, so that the larvae can feed when it hatches. Outdoors the eggs are often place in bird nests, beehives and other areas where dead insects may gather and can be use as food. Indoors adult beetles prefer to lay their eggs on carpets, rugs and clothing made of natural fiber such as silk, wool, and animal products such as skins, leathers, feathers in dark areas.

The Varied Carpet beetle can enter homes through windows without screens, and on flowers brought into the home.  Adults will feed on pollen and nectar, and will not damage clothing or other belongings. Varied Carpet Beetles like to feed in dark areas where they wont be disturbed, the closet with all your winter clothing is a great place for them to feast.

The Varied Carpet Beetle is a difficult pest to control; they often lay their eggs in dark secluded areas, and are able to fit in the smallest of places. Inspecting the entire property, detecting the source of the infestation, and eliminating it is the most important step in eradicated Varied Carpet Beetles. Insecticides will help control adults as well as other stages of Varied Carpet Beetles.

Controlling varied carpet beetles requires laundering of clothing, especially those that are made of natural fibers. The Varied Carpet beetle will not feed on synthetic fibers, but adults may lay eggs on them if they’re close to a food source. Vacuuming and emptying the canister or bag and disposing of the contents will also help.

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