Top Tips for NYC Property Managers To Prevent Pests

You may think that in New York City it would be completely impossible to eradicate all of the roaches, mice, rats, and pests in residential and commercial properties. If you have been flooded with complaints from tenants and hired many commercial pest control companies then you should realize an ounce of prevention could save you time and money.

Maintaining the common areas as well as the utility rooms of buildings is no easy feat and should be a combined effort amongst tenants to have a pest free property. Implementing a pest management program with a reputable exterminating service in conjunction with a sanitation program and some prevention is the key to success.

I am often asked what are my top tips for a pest free property, so I decided to share with you the highlights and knowledge I have gathered through my professional experience.

Five Tips to get rid of Mice & Rats and prevent them from returning

Trash cans with trash bags hanging out

Trash Should never be placed this way, the lids should always be closed securely

  1. Maintaining the garbage secure is extremely important. The mice and rats can’t eat what they can’t have access to!
  2. Inspecting the exterior landscape for any burrows or rodent activity, as well as the exterior foundation for any entry points the rodents have been or can use. All entry points would need to be sealed!
  3. All garbage cans along the exterior should have secure lids to prevent rodents from climbing in. Garbage should also be placed out for pick up the day of if possible, instead of the night before. In doing so the Rats and Mice will have less time if any to feed on the trash.
  4. If burrowing around the buildings foundation, modifications to the landscape can be done to prevent them from borrowing.
  5. Placing tamper resistant bait stations with monitoring bait will help determined where the problem with rodents are present, and the bait can later be changed to something with a lethal dose.

How to preventing roaches from taking over your building

This is a photo of a Residential garbage compactor

How a garbage compactor room should be kept, to avoid infestations

  1. Roaches see compactor room and chute as the ultimate buffet that never stops giving. Having the chute cleaned at least once a year and treated quarterly will prevent roaches from living in there enjoying endless meals. Compactor rooms also need to monitored and treated regularly to prevent infestations from occurring.
  1. Utility rooms such as boiler and pump rooms are where the American Roaches or, as they’re known Waterbugs love hanging out. It’s a prime environment for them, so eliminating their necessities as well as monitoring and treating this area, will send Waterbugs packing.
  1. Elevator pits are often times over looked, and can be a prime place for roaches. Elevator Pits should be cleaned out regularly to avoid accumulation of trash.
  1. Trash areas should be cleaned regularly to remove any spilled liquids. If may seem minimal, but roaches and flies as well as other insects and pest can feed on what has been left behind.
  1. Maintaining items stored on wire shelves will help inspect and treat all areas.

The best way to protect your properties with any type of pest infestation is to join forces with your residents and publicly post these pest-proofing prevention tips every change of the season. However sometimes contacting a pest management professional, to assess the situation and recommend treatment can be the strongest course of action. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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