Pest Control & Storage Units

Storage facilities have a unique challenge: provide a safe place for customers to store their items, all the while keeping the facility pest free and their customers belongs safe.  If Roaches, Mice, Ants and Rats could read, a simple do not enter sign will suffice, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Keeping pest out of storage facilities can be quite challenging, that’s why a Pest Management Program needs to be implemented and followed.

Rats and Mice love exploring, finding new places to enter in search of food and nesting material. In past cases, that nesting material and even food has been found in the storage units. Rodents will destroy clothing and furniture, sometimes even nesting in your customer’s belongings.

Roaches have the unique ability to live for a long time without food. As long as water is present, they’re able to survive for quite sometime. This poses a unique challenge in storage facilities, especially those that are climate controlled. With the ability to breed rapidly roaches can become a big problem, in a little time.

Monitoring the interior as well as the exterior perimeter of a storage facility is the best way to ensure that it remains pest free. Inspecting the exterior as well as the interior for signs of rats and mice will help identify any activity that can be addressed and eliminated.