Stink Bugs – You want them out, and we can help!

Stink Bugs are a nuisance, especially once they’ve entered your home and decided that it will not become an overwintering site for them. These pests produce an awful odor when disturbed, threaten or crushed that comes from their scent glands. Stink Bugs use this scent as a defense, but when they’re in your home uninvited you’re the one being disturbed and threatened, unfortunately they don’t not see it that way. Eradicating this pest can prove to be difficult and fruitless for the do it yourself-er, treating for this pest requires someone with the experience, knowledge and keen attention to detail.

Stink bugs will seek overwintering sites during the warm fall days in side of homes starting from September through October. During this time they’re seeking protection from the cold winter months, they will remain in your home until spring occasionally reappearing during the warmer sunny periods throughout the winter and again reemerging in the spring. Adult Stink Bugs will emerge during late April to mid May. During the time that Stink Bugs begin emerging and leaving the structure is the prime time to be proactive and do what is needed to prevent them from returning during the fall.

Adult Stink Bugs will lay their eggs between May and August on the underside of leaves and stems attaching them in clusters of 20 to 30 eggs. Stink Bugs generally will have one generation during the year depending on the temperature, with conditions permitting they can develop 2 or 3 generations and even more during ideal conditions. Although The Stink Bug is a nuisance inside your home they’re in fact an agriculture pest infesting farms fruit and vegetable crops.

Applying exterior applications of insecticides can offer some relief from infestations, sealing the exterior of your home can prove to be difficult but beneficial. Exterior pesticide applications should be applied in the fall months when Stink Bugs are looking for overwintering sites. Insecticides can become diluted with rain and break down in the sunlight rendering the residual effects of the applications ineffective several days or weeks later after the application.

Vacuuming the areas where The Stink Bugs have sought shelter removing any dead and living bugs remaining as well as sealing any and all entry points that the Stink Bugs have used or can use, will prove beneficial in preventing them from seeking harborage in your home during the fall.  Your vacuum may acquire The Stink Bugs odor after you’ve used it, so using a dispensable vacuum or a shop vac is recommended.

Waiting until Sink Bugs have entered your home and then applying insecticides is not a good idea. Having dead pest in your wall voids can create other pest problems specifically with scavenger pest as well as carpet beetles that will feed on dead insects, linens, carpet wools and other natural fibers. The use of aerosol foggers or “bombs” is not recommended, you will achieve initial results but it will not prevent further Stink Bugs from emerging.

Dynamic Exterminating has the experience, knowledge and training to remove Stink Bugs from your home once and for all. You will no longer have to share your home with pest especially one that produces such an awful odor. Call Dynamic Exterminating today for an estimate and have us prepare a custom tailored pest management program for your home.

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