Spring is great, these pest are not!

Most of you are as exciting as I am for spring and the warmer temperatures. Although spring is great, these pests are most certainly not, I will tell you the best way to prevent these pest from affecting you throughout any season.



This is a picture of mosquito sources around a homePooling water from the melting snow and the rainfall we have received will create the perfect environment for mosquito larva. Some mosquito species will lay their eggs above the water line before winter arrives, so that in the fall after the rainfall the egg rafts can float and the larvae can begin to develop. Now it’s the absolute time to be proactive, I’ll give you a few tips on how to help yourself stay mosquito free, you can also read our blog on How to survive the New York mosquito season.


• Eliminate pooling water from melting snow and rainfall. The usual areas where you’ll find the water pooling will be in potted plants, in gutters because the leaves won’t allow the water to flow, around the foundation of the home, buckets, tires ect.

• Garbage Cans are notorious for collecting water, especially if you don’t put the lids on them.

• Having your yard treated and purchasing equipment such as the Mosquito Magnet will help keep the mosquitoes at bay!

• Your neighbors can be a great asset, having them cooperate with a mosquito program can be challenging but extremely rewarding




Stink Bugs

stink bugIf you’ve dealt with them in the past with little to no success, I will let you in on our secret, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Stink Bugs can be difficult to control or even eliminate, but it is very possible. How? do you ask, well this is how:

• Stink Bugs will soon begin emerging from their overwintering spot, as the days get warmer. After they have emerged its time to begin preventative treatment, to make this the last year you spend with them!

• Vacuum any remaining stink bugs, whether they’re dead or alive. The scent from the stink bugs that have been left behind, will attract stink bugs in the fall to overwinter.

• Make sure any openings they can use, particularly around vents, attic fans, eves and soffits are sealed as best as possible.

• Timely treatments are critically as is the timing of the stink bug treatments. The exterior as well as the interior of your home needs to be treated after they have emerged, treatments need to also be done in the fall before they decide to come back




The winter has been very rough especially for rodents, the ground has been covered with snow for so long, that it has limited their food supply. This may sound great, less food, less mice and rats, but that is not the case. Rodents have been looking for food in places they have never gone before, including some of your homes. If past winters are any indication, then mice and rats will be roaming, looking for food as if nothing ever happened. You want to keep the mice & rats out, and these tips will help you.

• Make sure your home is free of any entry points; a good place to begin inspecting is all exterior doors to your home, including garage doors. If a gap is present at the bottom of the door, door sweeps should be installed.

• Inspect around electrical & gas lines entering the home, usually the openings made to get the lines in are enough to allow mice and even rats to enter

• Dryer vents are also a common area, make sure the vent is properly sealed around the edges and affixed to your home. The dryer hose should be properly secured to the vent.

• Your vent should be in good working order, and prevent pest from getting in, if the flaps remain open then you need to replace it.

• Keep lids on garbage cans and the cans as far away from your home as possible. If the garbage cans have holes on them, then it’s a good idea to have them replaced.


Raccoons & Squirrels


The best way to prevent wildlife from getting into your attic is to limit their access. Taking the preventive steps is very easy and here are a few things that you can do:

• Trim tree branches that are close to your home or hanging over the roof. Raccoons and Squirrels will use trees and their branches to get onto your roof and make their way into your attic

• Keep garage doors, especially side doors in good working order and structurally sound. Raccoons and squirrels are strong animals, if your doors are not closing properly or rotting at the bottom, they will exploit the weak areas and call your garage home.

• Check gutters, attic vents and exhaust fans, make sure they are not in need of repair.

• Raccoons will breed in late winter/ early spring the squirrels will breed twice a year around the same time and then again in June!


Bed Bugs


Bed Bug life cycle actual size compared to pennyThis blog post contains everything you need to know about Bed Bugs. Although Bed Bugs don’t go dormant during the winter, we believe the reason why they affect less people during this time, is because people aren’t going out around as much. Inspections are still the best method of Bed bug Prevention, of course you do have the option of living in a bubble for the rest of your life, but it won’t work and you’ll still have to worry about getting Bed Bugs on your bubble. What does work is being observant, take precautions when going out to places and traveling. Be aware of your surroundings and know what signs to look for. If you ever notice any bites or even a live Bed Bug, take the necessary steps to not bring them home.



Ants will begin foraging for food once again; Carpenter Ants will also begin building satellite nest and your home could also become their home. It’s important to take a few necessary steps to prevent ants from becoming a nuisance.

• Keep woodpiles as far away as possible from your home. Ants as well as many other pests can build nest in wood and you wouldn’t want pest that close to your home.

• Limit where your children are allowed to eat in your home. It’s next to impossible to prevent toddlers from leaving crumbs all around, but at least you can control where the crumbs are left, making it easier to clean.



This is a picture of the Subterrean Termite life cycle

Soon after the first rainfall and after we’ve had a few days of 50 degree weather, Termite swarmers will begin to emerge. The sole purpose of Termite Swarmers is to find a mate and reproduce. Termite Swarmers are reproductive Termites and they will not consume any wood, but they can be an indication of a Termite infestation. It’s hard not to notice swarmers, thousands of what seems like ants with wings emerging and not being able to exactly fly. They will be attracted to sunlight and shed their wings soon after flight; finding thousands of wings on a windowsill is very common.


Bees, Hornets and Wasps


The picnic warrior, the yellow jacket wasp, these wasps can be aggressive and often frequent picnics uninvited. Preventing bees from nesting on or near your home is probably next to impossible. You should however remain observant to save yourself from some painful stings.


Cave Crickets


Camelback cricket cave cricket spider cricketSome of you know them as Camel back Crickets, Spider Crickets or even Cave Crickets. These crickets have become a huge nuisance for some, year after year infesting your basement without any relief in sight. Most homes have basement windows that are below grade, leaves collect in these wells and the moisture will build up creating the perfect environment for these crickets to breed. The solution is simple, vacuum the leaves out regularly and your cricket vows will get much better, perimeter treatments can help eliminate the crickets much faster and keep them out for good!


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