Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. offers various types of treatment methods to satisfy your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an exterminator that provides Integrated Pest Management, Green Pest Control or uses conventional methods,

IPM/ Conventional Pest Control

Using Integrated Pest management does not mean we will not use pesticides at all. The idea of Integrated Pest management is to be diligent, inspect for possible infestations and make corrections to eradicate the infestation and prevent them in the future.  A proper Integrated Pest Management Program will also use monitoring devices, by monitoring for pest it allows use to become aware of a pest before it becomes and infestation.

Implement an Integrated Pest management Program can prove to be beneficial and effective. Many places such as nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals, schools, day cares and many other sensitive accounts require the use of Integrated Pest Management.

Green Pest Control

 Using Green methods to treat for pest does not mean that pesticides won’t be used. There are plenty of environmentally friend pesticides that are made from natural plants, which can be used to treat for pest. Green Pest Control is similar to IPM with the exception that only natural green products will be used in a Pest Management Program.

There are a lot of tools available to help eliminate the amount of pesticides being applied while maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Rest assure that no matter what pest you’re dealing with, whatever method we decide on using will be the most effective and will yield results quickly.

No matter what treatment method is going to be used, sanitation plays a major role in a pest management program. Eliminating the feeding source from pest will help in the Pest Management Program.

Pest Management Programs

 Dynamic exterminating is able to costume tailor a specific Pest Management Program for your needs. We offer a wide range of pest control programs to eradicate infestations and keep your properties pest free! We also offer integrated pest management as well as green pest programs.

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