As a successful business owner, you know that your company needs to be efficient while performing at your maximum ability.  So when it comes to commercial pest control, shouldn’t you expect the same services? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Dynamic Exterminating, Inc.  Our knowledgeable and friendly exterminators are committed to ensuring that your business is pest-free, so you can do what you do best: run a successful company.  Dynamic Exterminating has been protecting businesses in the greater NYC and Nassau County areas, including banks, schools, daycare facilities, food industry, restaurants, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, government buildings, retail stores, storage facilities, multi-unit buildings, and SROs (single room buildings). With Dynamic Exterminating by your side, you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing your bottom line to a pest or rodent invasion.

At Dynamic Exterminating, we ensure that all pest control and management plans are customized to your specific business and industry.  After all, the most effective pest control won’t be a cookie-cutter solution; instead, it will be tailored to meet the needs and desired results of your business. What’s more, Dynamic Exterminating’s commercial pest control and management services are efficient, affordable, and highly specialized.  We won’t let a single pest stand between you and your business success – and here’s how we do it:

  • Pest Inspection: Need to know what’s invading your office?  Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. knows what to look for to determine what kind of pests are invading your office. Once we’ve identified what pests you’re dealing with, we’ll develop a specific pest management plan that will achieve your ideal results as fast as possible.
  • Pest Extermination: During this time, we’ll walk you through exactly what you can expect during the extermination phase.  This way, you can ensure that your business can function as normal.
  • Pest Management: Once your office has been treated, Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. will work with you to ensure that your office stays pest-free.  This ensures that bugs stay where they belong: out of your office!