As a successful business owner, you know that your company needs to be efficient while performing at your maximum ability.  So when it comes to commercial pest control, shouldn’t you expect the same services? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Dynamic Exterminating, Inc.  Our knowledgeable and friendly exterminators are committed to ensuring that your business is pest-free, so you can do what you do best: run a successful company.  Dynamic Exterminating has been protecting businesses in the greater NYC and Nassau County areas, including banks, schools, daycare facilities, food industry, restaurants, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, government buildings, retail stores, storage … Read the rest

Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. offers various types of treatment methods to satisfy your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an exterminator that provides Integrated Pest Management, Green Pest Control or uses conventional methods,

IPM/ Conventional Pest Control

Using Integrated Pest management does not mean we will not use pesticides at all. The idea of Integrated Pest management is to be diligent, inspect for possible infestations and make corrections to eradicate the infestation and prevent them in the future.  A proper Integrated Pest Management Program will also use monitoring devices, by monitoring for pest it allows use to become aware of a pest … Read the rest

Your home is your palace – and you might feel like you’re under an invasion when pests are swarming over your house. Whether you’re dealing with hungry termites or suspect that rats have made a hangout of your attic, you need to take action as quickly as possible to get these invaders out of your home. That’s precisely why you should call on the expert exterminators at Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. At Dynamic Exterminating, we don’t look at your house as just another project – we see it as a beautiful home that protects you and your family. That’s why our … Read the rest

 There’s a reason why bugs, spiders, rodents, and other creatures are called “pests” – many times, they’ll come back even after they’ve been eradicated from a home or office.  This is just their nature – they’re biologically designed to invade even the cleanliest of buildings and homes through a tiny crack or hole.

That’s why if you want to declare a permanent war on pests, you need Dynamic Exterminating, Inc. by your side.

Our pest management plans ensure that your home or office is completely pest-free, even after implementing our extermination services.  Our pest management plan works as follows:

  • We
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