What are Roaches?


Roaches are hearty pest, and they love calling your kitchen home. Whether you’re dealing with American Roaches (waterbugs) German Roaches, Brown Banded or Asian Roaches, there is no need to panic. Treating for roaches requires time, sanitation and cooperation.


 How did the Roaches get into your home?

 These pest a brought into the home in grocery bags, furniture and belongings, some roaches will also migrate from outside to the inside of the house, that’s why it is important to keep the outside of the home free of debris and the garbage cans as far as possible. Moisture is also conducive to the American Roach as well as the Asian Roach living in or around your home.


 What do Roaches Eat?

Roaches are able to survive by drinking water alone and can live up to 2 weeks without its head. Roaches are scavengers and will feed on almost anything! Eliminating water on all surfaces is very important and that includes water dishes for your pets. Cleaning behind appliances and removing the garbage nightly are some of the things that need to be done and will help with eradicating these unwelcomed bugs.