Tick Tick Tick – Its Deer Tick time!

Female Deer Tick

Ixodes scapularis  or as its referred to The Deer Tick lives for 2 or 3 years, during this time The Deer Tick will go through 4 life cycles: Egg, larva, Nymph and finally Adult. In order for The Deer Tick to molt to the next life cycle it will need to consume a blood meal. It takes approximately 3 – 5 days for the female Deer Tick to consume a full blood meal. The Deer Tick will feed until she has become engorged, at which point she will drop from the host and find a place to over winter underneath … Read the rest

stink bug

Stink Bugs are a nuisance, especially once they’ve entered your home and decided that it will not become an overwintering site for them. These pests produce an awful odor when disturbed, threaten or crushed that comes from their scent glands. Stink Bugs use this scent as a defense, but when they’re in your home uninvited you’re the one being disturbed and threatened, unfortunately they don’t not see it that way. Eradicating this pest can prove to be difficult and fruitless for the do it yourself-er, treating for this pest requires someone with the experience, knowledge and keen attention to detail.… Read the rest

Yellow Jacket Wasps – Shoo Wasps go away!

yellow jacket wasp nest and yellow jacket wasps

As we get further into the spring season and summer approaches the days will begin to get warmer. You will start spending more time outside in your yard, and it will be time for Yellow Jacket Queens to emerge and build a nest. Lets face it, no one like being faced with the threat of getting a painful sting, especially those allergic to stings! So why wont they just leave you alone?

yellow jacket wasp nest and yellow jacket wasps

Yellow Jacket Wasps building and attending to their nest

Yellow Jackets are predatory wasps and all females have the ability to sting and will do so repeatedly. They … Read the rest

Pest Control with a Green Approach

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Most believe that having an exterminator come into their home means harsh and toxic chemicals will be applied. In fact that’s not true, Dynamic Exterminating is well versed and experienced in Integrated Pest Management as well as Green Pest Control. Our technicians use different methods to control pest utilizing all of the tools at their disposal.

Controlling pest, keeping them in their natural environment and preventing them from entering your home is the ultimate goal. Pest enter structures for a multitude of reason: opportunity, shelter, food, nesting ect., by eliminating conducive conditions and preventing entry into your property, your home … Read the rest

In the picture you can see the mud tunnels in the door frame, as well as the damage that Termites cause.
In the picture you can see the mud tunnels in the door frame, as well as the damage that Termites cause.

In the picture you can see the mud tunnels in the door frame, as well as the damage that Termites cause.

Spring is here, even though old man winter doesn’t want to leave. Like it or not warm weather is approaching, the ground will begin to thaw and rain will begin to fall. The trees will start growing leaves again and flowers will begin to bloom.  Subterranean Termites have been eating away at your home all winter without you suspecting it, and its time for the reproductive Termites to begin swarming.

Subterranean Termites contrary to belief are active year round. … Read the rest