Keeping your NYC Restaurant Rodent and Vermin free

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the pass week you’ve heard about the restaurants that the New York City Department of Health has closed, due to video of rats in these restaurants. The New York City Department of Health is responsible for restaurant inspections, and any restaurant with a rodent of vermin infestation can potentially be closed.

Maintaining a rodent free restaurant can be a challenging task, but it is most certainly not impossible. There are many tools and equipment that can be used together to effectively maintain a rodent and vermin free restaurant. The cost of fines, loss of business and bad publicity could be immense, having a quality Pest Management Program in place can help save your bottom line and maintain an “A” letter grade.

I’m going to skip all the unnecessary information on rodents you don’t need to know like the shape of their ears, the length of their tail or how much they defecate in a given period of time. The given is that rodents can or have invaded your restaurant and you want them to stay out permanently. You need to know that gaps as small as a ¼ inch is big enough for mice, and gaps as big as ½ an inch is big enough for a rat to enter. They’re great climbers, good diggers and can gnaw their way through most materials.

Rats are very intelligent and good at getting into places they don’t belong in. Rats have a home range of 300 feet, that’s their foraging area and as far as most are willing to travel from their nest.  That being said rats do not deal well with stress, removing their essentials (food and water) will more than likely either kill them from stress, or send them packing to a place with easier access to a meal. Caving in their burrows is also a good harassment measure, eventually they will get tired of building the same ol tunnel. I am aware this is New York City and it’s difficult to remove a rodent’s food source, but it’s the little things that will make a major impact and help maintain your area pest free.

If you haven’t read my previous blog post Pest Control With A Green Approach, you absolutely should read. In that blog I wrote the importance of inspections, exclusion and sanitation among other things.

Dynamic Exterminating can prepare an adequate Pest Management Program for your property to eradicate your rodent infestation and keep them out. Providing your restaurant with a proper and thorough inspection, along with a detailed Pest Control Program, you will no longer have to fear seeing a New York City Department of Health inspector ever again. Call Dynamic Exterminating today and schedule an appointment

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