Preventing Mice from entering your home

In order for you to stop the rodents from entering your home first you will need to know how they can get in. Mice are small and can fit through small openings and holes as small as a ¼ in diameter. A thorough inspection of your home is needed, and all entry points will need to be sealed properly to prevent them from ever entering. A reputable exterminator should be able to provide you with a quality rodent proofing and exclusion program.


Mice don’t hibernate, keep them from moving in this winter

Having Mice in your home is more than just a nuisance, because of the damage they cause, the diseases they spread and the health risk involved with contaminated food and surfaces. Mice constantly urinate and defecate as means of communication with each other, contaminating food and surfaces. Their constant need to gnaw will damage electrical wiring in homes, personal belongings as well as furniture. Mice are also nibblers, they will not just feed on one item, instead they tend to nibble on a variety of items while foraging, contaminating your food and forcing your to dispose of it.


Treating rodent infestations


Mice will average 8 litters a year with around 7 pups per litter. In a short time period a few mice can become quite a serious problem. Preventing a rodent infestation from occurring is ideal, but it doesn’t always work out that way. The thought of dealing with mice doesn’t occur until they’re actually in your home. Treating for rodents can be challenging, their breeding habits coupled with abundant food and shelter can make a the task difficult. There are several approaches to eradicating rodents that can be taken.


There is no cookie cutter approach when dealing with rodents, every situation is different and should be thoroughly inspected in order to effectively treat an infestation. A proper inspection, treatment and pest management program will provide you with positive results.