The Indian Meal Moth

The Indian Meal Moth is a pantry pest that affects your food by laying their eggs on it so that the larvae can consume it when they hatch. The Indian Meal Moth is the usual suspect when dealing with a pantry pest, and although they will ruin your food, they will not damage your clothing. Dealing with pantry pest requires finding the source, getting rid of the affected food and treating for the pest as well as monitoring for activity. Indian Meal Moths are mostly introduced from a package you bought at the store that was already infested. Unfortunately, often times Supermarkets and Convince stores are battling pantry pest infestations themselves, and you as the consumer sometimes get left holding the hot potato.

The Indian Meal Moth can fit in very tight places like through the corners of pasta boxes, and are also able to chew through packaging in order to get inside and lay eggs. Indian Meal Moth eggs are not sticky, they lay them on the surfaces of various foods such as: grains, cereals, bread, pasta, rice, spices, dried fruit and pet food. Once you’ve realized that you have Indian Meal Moths in your pantry, the first step is to find the source of the infestation and to get rid of it, by eliminating the source you’re removing a big part of the infestation mostly all of the larvae and eggs. Inspecting the rest of the products in your pantry is also very important so that you can eliminate all infested food, and put away what has not yet been affected.

It can take the Indian Meal Moth 50-300 days to complete its entire life cycle. As an adult they can lay 100 to 400 egg, which can hatch anywhere between 2 to 21 days. The larvae stage of the Indian Meal Moth can last from 2 to 41 days, they will then seek an area to pupate and can travel a far distance within your home to do so. The reason for such big ranges throughout their life cycle is because it all depends on temperature, during ideal conditions they will complete their stage during the earlier part of the range.

Treatment for the Indian Meal Moth can vary, pesticides can often aid in eradicating pantry pest, but are not always needed. Finding the source of the infestation is the most important part of the process, once that has been achieved sanitation and pest control can commence. Monitoring for Indian Meal Moths after treatment can also help ensure that they’re gone for good.

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