How to keep an “A” Grade in a NYC Restaurant

I often get asked by my commercial pest control clients what tips I can give to help them  maintain an “A” letter grade from the New York City Health  Department. Although a challenge, difficult as it may be, its not impossible. In New York City the Department of Health maintains surprise visits to check on day to day conditions of restaurants, and often they can catch you off guard at your busiest time of day. A score of 14 or more points will yield you a “B” or “C” letter grading, anything lower they will issue you a warning or shut you down especially when a rat, mouse or roach decides to make a cameo appearance. What you are left with is severe financial loss, and bad publicity as would be customers gaze at the big yellow sign they slapped on the door notifying everyone of your violations.

This is a nyc restaurant letter grade

NYC Restaurant “A” letter grade

With a proper Pest management prevention plan in place, you will no longer have to fear an Inspector, no matter what time of day.

My Biggest tips to keeping a restaurant unattractive to pests

This is a clean restaurant kitchen

Clean restaurant kitchen

  • Cleaning behind, in between and underneath equipment daily is extremely important. You wouldn’t let customers dine for free and you shouldn’t let mice and roaches dine free either.
  • Supplies and equipment should never be stored on the floor or on milk crates. All materials and equipment should be stored on wire shelves 18 inches from the ground and all dry goods in sealed containers.
  • Garbage should be secured in trashcans, dumpsters, or sealed corrals. Never Place your trash bags on the floor, which allows rodents and roaches to have easy access to a meal.
  • At the end of the night, after the dishes are done, its important to clean any sink and drain strainers. Leaving food in there over night is an open invitation for pest to feast.
  • Mops should be rinse, strained and hung up; brooms should be hung up as well. Remember, roaches, mice, and rats need water, and having a wet mop on the floor provides a hiding area as well as a water source.

5 tips on how to keep pests out of your restaurant

  1. Door Sweeps should be installed on all exterior doors, a proper door sweep can prevent rats and mice and other pest from entering your establishment
  1. Installing air curtains on your main entry way can prevent flies from ever entering your business, Fly lights can also be installed to eliminate any flies that are present throughout the day.
  1. Tamper resistant bait stations strategically placed on the exterior as well as the interior of your business can help monitor for rodent activity
  1. Trash areas should be clean when trash gets put out for pick up. Dumpsters, corrals, trashcans as well as the concrete pad and surrounding areas should be cleaned. Cleaning these areas prevent pest from becoming attracted by spilled garbage.
  1. Bars should clean their soda dispensers, change the caps on alcohol bottles, and burn the ice nightly. In doing so you will prevent Drain Flies, Fruit Flies and even Fungus Gnats.

I highly recommend an ounce of prevention having a strong relationship with a reputable Pest Control Company, commitment, dedication and a team effort between  the business owner and the staff..its better for everyone’s health and welfare.

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