Camelback Cave and Spider Crickets

Camelback Crickets also known as, Cave Crickets and Spider Crickets become a nuisance when they decide to wander in your home. Labeled an occasional invader, the Camelback Cricket often times enter homes accidently looking for shelter or trying to escape less than ideal environments. The Camelback Cricket likes to live in dark cool damp areas, often times that means the basement of your home, crawl spaces, basement window wells ect. They’re extremely ugly and weird looking, they will jump towards you as you get closer to investigate as a natural defense, but they’re completely harmless.

The Camelback cricket prefers living in dark cool damp areas, if their harborage area becomes dry they will seek shelter elsewhere. On the exterior of your home the Camelback Cricket will tend to live in woodpiles, tree stumps, leaf litter, tarps and window wells. It is best to keep wood piles as well as leaf litter as far as possible from your home, keeping the perimeter of your home free from organic debris as well as other unnatural harborage areas can prevent many pest from seeking shelter near your home.

The Camelback Cricket is a scavenger feeding on decaying organic matter as well as dead insects. They have also been known to destroy clothing and other natural fibers by chewing on them. The Camelback cricket breeds year round, so when dealing with an infestation it is important to apply a course of action as soon as possible. Often times, when these crickets are in an area of your home that is not visited often like a crawl space, they go unnoticed for a very long time.

Eradicating the Camelback Cricket can be challenging! There are plenty of non-chemical methods to successfully eradicate them from your property, although sometimes pesticides need to be used. One of the most important things to do when dealing with this pest as well as any other pest is to find their harborage area! Once the area where they’re living is found, removing it (if possible) along with any potential harborage area will help get rid of the majority of them. Damp areas will need to be aired out and a dehumidifier will probably need to used in order to remove the moisture, window wells will need to be cleaned and leaf litter removed.

Dynamic Exterminating has the experience in eradicating this pest from homes successfully. All it takes is a phone call, and we will be able to put a Pest management Plan into place to eradicate these crickets once and for all.

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