Why do Ants keep coming in my house?

Ants don’t mean to over step their boundaries or enter your home uninvited, they’re simply going about their business foraging for food. Unfortunately when they do find something worth eating they will begin laying pheromones down to alert the others and guide them to what they’ve found. Killing these Ants with store bought products will do little or nothing to stop them, the solders’ may die, but the colony can and will produce more.

How do I get rid of them?

The first step in treating for Ants, is to properly identify the species and then apply the appropriate treatment.  No two Ant infestations are the same, so every case requires a different approach to effectively deal with Ants and eradicate them from your property. Once a treatment has been applied, changes can be made to prevent future Ants from entering your home in the future.

Diagnosing your ant problem:

 Identifying where your Ant problem is occurring from, identifying the species and extent of the infestation is not difficult. When dealing with Ants especially a persistent problem, its important to start from the basics. Inspecting all areas, both inside and out even underneath decks is very important to help get ride of these pests. Because Ants feed on different foods based on the needs of the colony and time of the year, it is very important the appropriate treatment and bait is applied.